Immediate Connect Review 2023|Honest Review Scam or Legit?

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Immediate Connect robot is the only trustworthy and user-friendly cryptocurrency trading robot you need. With the help of this automated cryptocurrency trading platform, investors will be able to maximize their returns on the erratic cryptocurrency market without having to invest countless hours in researching charts, market trends, and news stories.

In this Immediate Connect review, we’ll thoroughly go through the Immediate Connect features and capabilities to help you choose if it’s the right tool for your needs. We’ll go through the crypto robot’s security features, customer support alternatives, pricing structure, and more so you can make an informed choice about using it or not.

Immediate Connect Summary

Minimum Deposit:$250
Trading Fees:None
Account Fees:None
Deposit/Withdrawal Fees:None
Software cost:Free
Number of Cryptocurrencies Supported:14
Mobile App:No
Is It a Scam or Legit?Legit
Demo Account:Yes
Claimed Win Rate:90%+


What is Immediate Connect?

This robot is a trading platform that accepts a range of assets, including stocks, FX, CFDs, and bitcoin. According to the Immediate Connect website, users of the platform can exchange any of these assets manually or automatically.

This trading robot boasts it enables traders to earn from the market with little supervision and no manual intervention, but it doesn’t go into great depth regarding its methodology. To put it another way, traders could be able to turn on the algorithm and then leave the computer to execute transactions for them.

This trading algorithm’s performance and quality are unknown. The historical win percentage of this trading robot is not disclosed to traders, and the Immediate Connect reviews from actual users lack in-depth information.

This trading facility is totally free to use, according to the Immediate Connect website. There aren’t any hidden costs, account fees, or trade fees to be concerned about. The platform comes with a demo account that traders can use to test it out.

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Immediate Connect Pros & Cons


  • Automated trading – Users don’t need to constantly watch the market because the robot lets them set up automated deals.
  • Low fees – This trading robot offers its services at a reasonable price, making it an accessible choice for traders.
  • Easy to use – User-friendly interface that typically makes it simple to start using the basic features
  • Advanced features – Users can reduce risks using settings like stop losses.
  • Demo account – Use a demo account to test out every feature that this trading robot has to offer.


  • For new traders, it might be challenging to master advanced features and trading tools, which could lead to expensive mistakes.
  • As an automated trading platform, Immediate Connect software limits the amount of control traders have over each and every transaction. This has pros and cons because it can remove the element of emotion from trading but also means that traders may lose out on lucrative opportunities because of the robot’s decisions.

Fees of Immediate Connect

How Much does Immediate Connect Cost?

The Immediate Connect website states that traders are not required to pay to use this platform. Account fees, trading fees, and commissions on gains made utilizing the trading algorithm are all absent.

Additionally, there are no non-trading expenses for this trading robot, such as withdrawal or deposit fees. There are also no alleged hidden costs.

Here is the full fee schedule for this trading robot:

Transaction FeesNone
Trading CommissionsNone
Account Maintenance FeesNone
Hidden FeesNone

Does Immediate Connect also charge commissions?

No, there are no costs or commissions associated with using this trading robot software.

How Does Immediate Connect Work?

The Immediate Connect website doesn’t say anything about the algorithm’s operation or even whether AI is used to power it. However, based on how automated trading platforms and crypto signal services function, we can infer a few things about how this trading platform functions.

It’s possible that the algorithm used by this trading robot was developed using a significant amount of market data. AI and machine learning algorithms can identify pricing configurations that frequently produce the same result, such as a large price surge.

The algorithm can forecast that an outcome will occur again in the future if it happens repeatedly. Therefore, the system may execute a trade based on the results it has seen in the past when the price setup is detected.

Despite its shortcomings, this method forms the cornerstone of all technical analysis in the stock, forex, and crypto industries. In employing this kind of automatic trading, this trading robot would not be the only one. Note that during our Immediate Connect review, we were unable to confirm that this is how the platform functions.

In any case, the trading algorithm used by this robot is not disclosed, nor is information on the settings it trades. Immediate Connect app can be tested out on the platform’s demo account by traders. In this approach, they may test the algorithm’s effectiveness in the present market condition without having to put their money at risk with actual trades.

Immediate Connect Key Features

This trading robot differs from other trading platforms thanks to a number of key features.

Support for Multiple Asset Classes

According to this trading robot, trading in stocks, FX, CFDs, and bitcoin is supported. The majority of the greatest global markets, including US stocks, significant FX pairings, and the largest cryptocurrency by market cap, are therefore accessible to traders.

The CFDs that can be traded with this trading robot are not specifically listed, and this group may include commodities. It’s also not apparent if the trading platform supports leveraged transactions.

Algorithmic Trading

This trading robot’s algorithmic trading tool is one of its distinctive qualities. The algorithm may purchase and sell assets on a trader’s behalf with little to no supervision, according to the Immediate Connect app. At the conclusion of each trade, the platform will automatically cancel all open positions and restore all cash (including any gains) to the user’s account.

The performance of this trading robot’s algorithm is not disclosed, thus users of this function should proceed with caution. For trading Bitcoin, the platform might be an excellent substitute for a crypto signals service.

Customizable Trading Parameters

The Immediate Connect website claims that this trading platform is set up for new traders right out of the box. However, options like programmable trading parameters and a manual trading mode are available to more experienced traders.

Experienced users can control their trades more thanks to these features. In order to boost their win rate, users can modify the trading algorithm’s parameters or even trade manually.

Demo Trading Account

For traders to test out the platform, this trading robot offers a demo trading account. This is an opportunity to assess the algorithm’s performance in light of current price movements. Advanced traders can also change the settings of the algorithm and test out the outcomes on a demo account.

Account Security

According to this trading robot, account information and trade data are protected using military-grade encryption. It is unclear whether the trading robot or a bank or brokerage company holds the money in the accounts of the traders.

Immediate Connect features

Security & Regulation

Is Immediate Connect legit?

Yes, this trading robot is a legitimate automatic trading platform that was developed with the assistance of experienced cryptocurrency traders. The robot analyses trading signals search for profitable trading opportunities and executes trades automatically.

Is Immediate Connect Safe?

Any Bitcoin trading system must prioritize keeping your investments secure. With its sophisticated encryption technology, user authentication methods, and safe data storage, this trading robot takes security and privacy seriously. You can use the website with confidence knowing that your financial information and personal details are always secure.

Additionally, this robot uses sophisticated detection techniques to spot potential hazards or fraud, enabling you to trade without concern for the safety of your money. Immediate Connect bot requires KYC requirements when opening a new account as an added security measure to guarantee that all users are confirmed. This trading robot, Crypto Robot, offers a secure trading environment by taking these precautions, allowing you to concentrate on increasing profits.

Am I and my money protected when using the Immediate Connect?

The platform takes the security of user data and financial transactions extremely seriously, thus it has put in place a variety of security measures to guarantee that your money is safe when trading there. Modern encryption technology is used to securely encrypt and store all user data. Advanced algorithms are also used by this trading robot to protect against scams and malicious conduct. To ensure that your money is protected, every transaction is watched. Losses could occur, as with any investment, and the platform will not cover them.

Is Immediate Connect regulated?

Like the majority of other trading platforms, this trading robot is unregulated in and of itself. However, the brokers and cryptocurrency exchanges that you can select to execute your automated transactions are regulated by the laws of their respective local governments.

How to Use Immediate Connect

The website Immediate Connect app claims to make trading cryptocurrencies quick and simple. The robot asserts that it can automatically conduct profitable transactions on behalf of consumers thanks to its sophisticated algorithms and sizable Immediate Connect network. With our Crypto Robot, getting started is simple.

Step 1: Register

To utilise this trading robot, you must first register for a free account. You will have to provide some basic information, like your name and email address. Direct registration can be started on the Immediate Connect website. You can access the trading platform after completing the registration process.

Immediate Connect registration

Step 2: Invest in Your Account

Funding your trading account comes next. This can be accomplished by making a deposit using one of the accepted payment options, like a bank transfer or credit card.

Step 3: Set Your Parameters

You are prepared to trade once you have financed your account. You must turn on the robot and establish your trade parameters in order to do it. This will involve choosing a risk limit, the assets you wish to trade, and the methods you want the robot to employ.

Step 4: Begin Trading

The bot will begin trading automatically depending on your preferences once you have joined the Immediate Connect community and saved your settings. You can make necessary configuration adjustments while keeping track of the status of your deals in real time.

Is there an Immediate Connect alternative?

Yes, there are a lot more available crypto robots. If Immediate Connect is not your cup of tea, consider reading some of our other reviews:

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Five strategies for maximizing success with this trading robot

Know the amount you can invest

The first step after finishing your Immediate Connect login, or signing up on any other cryptocurrency trading platform, is to learn how it functions. Once a trading technique is successful, a typical mistake made by many new investors is to put all of their money into a cryptocurrency trading platform. Instead of waiting to thoroughly research the platform, they immediately plunge in with all of their savings in the hopes of making money. Given how unpredictable the cryptocurrency market is, there’s a good chance they could wind up losing everything. Never disregard safety just because a trading strategy has been profitable for you. Make decisions based on information, not feelings.

Do Not Invest all of Your Profits

Always make sure you save the majority of any significant gains you earn. This has the advantage of preventing you from losing everything you’ve worked for all at once. Retain a large portion of your profits in your local bank account after withdrawing them.

Start with the least investment

Always remember to start modestly, even if you have infinite assets to invest on the platform. When the bitcoin market starts to decline, this will help you avoid suffering substantial losses. Start with the least expensive investment and gradually increase it. As your income increases, you can start trading with some of your earnings without much risk to the money you’ve worked so hard to earn.

Use Leverage With Caution

In the cryptocurrency market, leverage simply refers to a trading margin whenever you borrow funds from a broker to place a trade. With this, you stand to gain even more than you otherwise would. You can, however, lose money extremely quickly. To avoid using too much leverage, always trade with the utmost caution.

Get a strategy that works for you

Even though you’ll be giving your Bitcoin trading bot a lot of the work, you’ll still need to develop a plan that works for you. To determine whether the outcome the robot produces for you is genuinely accurate, you will need to examine the market’s charts and trends. Now that the trading robot is set up, you may start trading using the strategy of your choice. Never forget to develop multiple strategies because you can never predict when one will fail.


A trading platform for stocks, FX, CFDs, and bitcoin are provided by this robot. The trading algorithm offered by the site is said to be totally automated and capable of placing trades without user input. Additionally, Immediate Connect software claims that using its service is cost-free. None of the claims made by the platform could be validated.

Traders can use the built-in demo account to test out this trading robot for themselves. Make an Immediate Connect account right away to learn more about the benefits that this trading platform has to offer.

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FAQs about Immediate Connect Robot and its potential for making money:

What is Immediate Connect Robot?

Immediate Connect Robot is an automated trading tool designed to help users buy and sell cryptocurrencies on their behalf. The tool uses complex algorithms to analyze market trends and make informed trading decisions in real-time.

How does Immediate Connect Robot work?

Immediate Connect Robot uses advanced algorithms to scan the markets for trading opportunities. The software analyzes data from various sources to predict which way the market will move next. Once it identifies a profitable trading opportunity, the tool will execute the trade automatically.

Can I really make money with Immediate Connect Robot?

While there are no guarantees in trading, Immediate Connect Robot has the potential to generate profits for users. The software’s advanced algorithms can analyze market data and execute trades much faster than a human trader, increasing the chances of making a profitable trade.

How much money can I make with Immediate Connect Robot?

The amount of money you can make with Immediate Connect Robot will depend on a variety of factors, including market conditions, the amount of capital you invest, and your trading strategy. While there are no guarantees of profits, some users have reported significant earnings with the tool.

Is Immediate Connect Robot a scam?

No, Immediate Connect Robot is not a scam. The tool has been designed to help traders make informed trading decisions based on market data and trends. However, it’s important to note that trading involves risks, and you should always do your own research and only invest what you can afford to lose.

Do I need trading experience to use Immediate Connect Robot?

No, you don’t need any trading experience to use Immediate Connect Robot. The software is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, even for beginners. However, it’s still important to learn about trading and to develop a sound trading strategy to help maximize your chances of success.