Crypto Genius Review 2023 – Is It Scam Robot or Reliable?

Crypto Genius is a cryptocurrency trading tool that is promoted as one that searches the market for potentially profitable trade signals using sophisticated algorithms. According to their website, the platforms’ software gathers data from outside sources and automatically offers new trades to the customers.

Since there is fierce rivalry among well-known algorithmic trading platforms, this tutorial will analyze this trading robot in-depth.

In our Crypto Genius review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about this trading robot and answer the question: Is Crypto Genius a reliable or scam robot?

What is Crypto Genius?

Crypto Genius is one of the most reputable bitcoin trading robots which collaborates with trustworthy and licensed brokers and provides services and other resources essential for trading cryptocurrencies. After assessing trading signals, the robot sends instructions to the partner broker platforms via an API. This command is carried out by the robot in order to initiate or end a transaction without human involvement.

Professional traders can also use the manual trading tool provided by this trading robot. This enables traders to manually set trade settings for a specific asset (e.g. to buy Bitcoin at a certain price). The robot then continuously monitors the cryptocurrency market and executes the trade order as soon as the conditions are satisfied. This makes it possible for seasoned traders to complete many deals at a far faster rate and according to their terms without ongoing market surveillance.

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How does Crypto Genius work?

Users have free access to the exclusive trading program of Crypto Genius after registration. The purpose of this innovative trading algorithm is to find prospective trading opportunities in the cryptocurrency markets. With the use of real-time analysis of 22 technical and fundamental factors, this trading robot says it can forecast price changes. This enables the software to recognize when cryptocurrencies are offered for less money.

Notably, customization capabilities are made available to consumers so they can decide how much autonomy to give to Crypto Genius’ software. On the one hand, traders manually gather market data and choose whether to place fresh deals.

On the other hand, this trading robot continuously monitors the markets and executes deals on the user’s behalf. The software begins to work and distribute the cash into several trades as soon as they are deposited into the trading account.

According to our Crypto Genius review, they have worked with a number of brokers who help with the transaction process. Once the software has gathered the market data, it uses API keys to communicate the data to the brokers. These orders are swiftly carried out by the brokers without human involvement.

Crypto Genius Features

Leverage Trading 

Leverage trading is a feature that this trading robot claims to provide. It entails high risk and high profit. On the trading platform, users can boost their leverage by 1:100, increasing the value of their deals without investing extra money.

Leverage trading, though, has two disadvantages. The likelihood of generating money is about equal to the likelihood of losing money. Users with a poor tolerance for risk might therefore choose to avoid using this function.


According to Crypto Genius, it is possible to invest in a variety of asset classes, including cryptocurrencies, commodities, indexes, and currency trading pairs. Therefore, unlike other automated trading platforms we tested, it is not merely a Bitcoin robot.

In the beginning, users have access to some of the major cryptocurrencies and altcoins available. Users can purchase ETH, BTC, LTC, and other digital assets through this trading robot. However, users can diversify their portfolios by investing in deflationary items like gold.

Finally, long-term investors can use this trading robot to access forex currency trading pairs and trade on country exchange rates.

crypto genius features

Demo trading account

According to their website, this trading robot has a demo mode option. A demo trading account enables users to make investments with fictitious money so they may acquire a better understanding of the tools and capabilities that this platform supports.

Investors will get the chance to examine this trading robot because the demo account simulates actual market conditions. Traders can quickly resume trading in the usual mode after evaluating the platform.

Customer Service 

All traders, according to Crypto Genius, receive 24/7 customer assistance. Before actually registering, you can contact the customer support team by chat. The customer service staff assists traders with all of their trading needs and inquiries via live chat, email, or phone.

Additionally, this trading robot implements a feedback system for users to critique and remark on the platform’s performance.

Multiple Currency Support 

Users of this trading robot have access to a variety of fiat currency choices for deposits and withdrawals. With a minimum deposit of $250/EUR 250, money can be put in USD and EUR.

Additionally, the platform allows users to trade currency pairs in USD, EUR, and CHF.

Is Crypto Genius Reliable or a scam robot?

Customers consider utilizing the trading bot Crypto Genius advantageous for generating income on the bitcoin market. Indicators, algorithms, and other automated trading tools for bitcoin are available from this trading robot. Contrary to what is implied on the company’s website, traders cannot generate a $1,000 profit every day without investing any time or effort in the market.

Its website also claims that Crypto Genius’ software has received US Trading Association trade accolades, however, there is no proof to support this.

The fact that the Crypto Genius software has helped a lot of individuals has led to a rise in the number of users who vouch for its legitimacy. It is claimed that after just a few months of use, it helped thousands of investors amass a significant fortune. Additionally, several testimonials were left by forum members who had benefited from this trading robot.

All signs point to the legitimacy of Crypto Genius. This trading program does not, however, completely eliminate the risks of trading on the cryptocurrency market.

How to start using Crypto Genius?

Step 1- Registration

Making an account on the Crypto Genius platform, which is a short and simple process, is the first step in starting to trade cryptocurrencies. Send your name, email address, and phone number to verify your account. After you have submitted the website’s sign-up form, a member of the Crypto Genius team will call you and request some information. You will be given an account manager by the Crypto Genius team who will guide you through the entire broker registration procedure.

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Step 2- Demo Account

Investors can test the auto trading program without putting any real money at risk by using the demo trading function. All auto trading platforms, in our opinion, ought to have a demo trading feature, and the Crypto Genius version does this well. An excellent method to understand how trading robots function is to use the demo trading option. The website additionally offers free access to guides and information on cryptocurrency trading robots. By engaging in real-world trading case studies, new investors can expand their knowledge and develop their skills over time. The demo mode allows seasoned traders who want to build a new procedure or approach to assess its profitability.

Step 3- Deposit

The process of making a deposit into a Crypto Genius account was simple, easy, and quick.. Users who have not funded their accounts with a minimum of $250 or more are unable to use the live trading capabilities of the account. On their website, you can make deposits using a number of methods, including bitcoin, credit cards, Skrill, PayPal, wire transfers, maestro, and other payment processors. Before making a payment, investors should inquire with their country about the accepted forms of payment since the methods of deposit and withdrawal must be the same.

Step 4- Live Account

Manual trading and automatic trading are the two components of Crypto Genius’ live trading. Any one of these may be turned on by the trader. Manual trading entails interacting with the bitcoin market in person. In other words, he will assess the market and make transactions that are consistent with its strategy. He specifies his take-profit and stop-loss levels. Emotions, however, can have an impact on decisions.

Automatic trading involves placing trades on behalf of consumers by employing the Crypto Genius robot to scan and find potential trading opportunities based on pre-programmed trading rules. Throughout the day and night, a robot is at work. It has the ability to recognize emerging trends at an early hour and enter with stop losses and take profits depending on predetermined criteria.

Why Choose Crypto Genius?

crypto genius features

No Fee

Free registration is one of the amazing benefits. Additionally, the platform won’t reduce your earnings. There are no extra fees or hidden charges for utilizing this auto trading platform.

Demo Account Practice

Before you begin actual trading, you can utilize the demo account to understand the trading system and user interface. You can test and evaluate various trade methods’ effectiveness before using them in actual trade.

Simple Registration Procedure

You won’t have to go through arduous registration procedures or fill out lengthy forms to join Bitcoin Revolution. It simply requires 20 minutes of your time and is quick and simple.

Enhanced Accuracy 

To maintain a high success rate, the team behind this website has refined its complex crypto-trading algorithm over time.

Customer Support Available

If you have any issues or queries, you can always get in touch with their customer service team, who will be happy to assist you and respond to your inquiries. The help is available all the time.


The trading bot is said to follow industry best practices to prevent data breaches and safeguard your private data and money from dangerous forces like hackers.

Tips to Maximize Profits using Crypto Genius

Begin with the small budget

The best advice is to begin with a small sum of money and work your way up. Start with $250, the absolute bare minimum, and get off the road. It’s best to hold off on making large investments right away, even if you have prior trading experience. No matter who you are or what you do, you will never be able to foretell the future of the markets, and you will never be able to control them. As a result, start small with your investments and gradually expand them over time.

Save your Profits

Once you start generating income, you should set aside a portion of your profits for use or investment in the future. You should always keep a healthy amount of cash in your account while attempting to recover as much of your initial investment as you can. You will eventually reach a secure, risk-free position because every penny in your account is beneficial.

Be Modest

Make it a point to maintain your modesty and accept the reality that, no matter what you do, you will never be a successful trader. Regardless of their degree of performance, even the most successful traders frequently make terrible blunders. There is no exemption to this rule for traders. Only a handful more victories will allow them to maintain their standing. Additionally, keep in mind that there is no one better than you and that in the end, the market will choose what is best.


After taking into account everything mentioned above, it has been determined that Crypto Genius has all the necessary elements to provide users with a wonderful experience. For brand-new users who are eager to make money on the cryptocurrency market, Crypto Genius provides new options.

Crypto Genius would be a great asset to any trader looking to enter the cryptocurrency industry. By creating an account and pledging a deposit, you can apply for your license right away. We advise you to use Crypto Genius to your greatest advantage in order to profit from the market. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Crypto Genius Safe?

The platform uses encryption and traditional security measures to protect user data. There is no need to be concerned about the information leaking.

Is it Simple to Use Crypto Genius?

Yes, opening and verifying your ID is all it takes to sign up for online membership. At this point, you must supply your basic information; there will be no identification procedures.

Is it free to use Crypto Genius?

Yes, opening a trading account with Crypto Genius is free of license fees or other fees.

How many trades can I execute using Crypto Genius each day?

With this Bitcoin robot, there are no restrictions on how many trades can be executed.