Bitcoin Trader Review 2023- Is It Scam Robot or Reliable?

In the year 2017, Gary Roberts established Bitcoin Trader. It is an automated trading software that enables traders to trade automatically by buying and selling bitcoins at lucrative profits while avoiding scams.

In the bitcoin community, Bitcoin Trader is very popular trading software. This trading robot is well recognized for its 96 percent success record, according to user reviews. Many traders in the crypto industry endorse this platform as a good place to start trading cryptocurrency.

In this guide of Bitcoin Trader review, we will cover every aspect of the software, including its reliability, functionality, and how to use it.

What is a Bitcoin Trader?

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Bitcoin Trader is a cryptocurrency trading bot that was first released in 2017. With its automatic trading capabilities, the  software enables you to trade cryptocurrencies and profit handsomely. Traders do not need to do any manual trading using this software, and trades may be placed in minutes with high accuracy. So far, no unprofitable transactions have been reported when using this program, making this trading robot one of the most popular and favored cryptocurrency trading robots. It takes the place of human efforts that could take hours to investigate and locate the most potentially profitable investment; it completes the same amount of research in minutes with no human work.

On the other hand, due to the volatility of the automated cryptocurrency market, there are automated cryptocurrency market hazards that cannot be denied, even when trending trading software like the Bitcoin Trader is utilized. Even if the software claims that this is a very unusual occurrence, it is still possible, thus traders should keep their senses alert to detect any unforeseen events.

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How Does Bitcoin Trader Work?

If you want to use the Bitcoin Trader robot, you must first understand how it works. This trading robot is an automated bot that aims to reduce the time and effort required for market research and trade execution.

It’s worth noting, however, that the bot works with contracts for differences (CFDs).

A contract for difference (CFD) is a financial instrument that gives you the opportunity to purchase or sell a cryptocurrency at a predetermined price and time.  As a result, you lock in the price, and the difference is paid when the contract expires. When you buy Bitcoin with this trading robot, you’re actually trading derivatives that mirror BTC prices, not Bitcoin itself.

To trade these crypto CFDs, this trading robot uses artificial intelligence and machine learning.

These concepts, when combined with high-frequency trading, aid the  robot in spotting market trends and analyzing possible outcomes. Based on this research, the bot gives the overall entry and exit positions for trading.

The creators of this trading robot claim that their bot is 85 percent accurate. This information was obtained from their website and promotional materials. However, for the purposes of our Bitcoin Trader review, we were unable to verify this, so keep in mind that it may not be entirely accurate. The cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile, and even the most sophisticated trading algorithms might fail at times. Start little and only invest money you’re willing to lose to avoid volatility.

Furthermore, this trading robot is not a stand-alone program.

The bot connects traders with third-party brokers and maintains a global network of partners. Several Bitcoin Trader reviews indicate that the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) has licensed these brokers, however, this is difficult to verify.

Tasks like position sizing and trade execution are handled by Bitcoin Trader brokers. These brokers, according to the bot’s creators, are in charge of transaction execution and position management.

Bitcoin Trader Features

The next sections go through some of the crypto robot’s most important trading characteristics.

Versatile Trading Robot

The adaptability of the Bitcoin trader robot is an important feature. All types of traders are welcome on the bot’s platform, as it offers both automated and manual trading. We discussed how the automated trading system works earlier in this article.

With Bitcoin Trader’s manual trading tool, you may select your settings and trade based on your research. This option is better suited for seasoned investors who are well-versed in the market and are more at ease undertaking their own research.

The purpose of any trading strategy is for you to make money. The producers of this trading robot say that their bot is 85 percent effective, which we failed to properly verify. When it comes to investing and trading in the market, we advise prudence.

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Quick Transactions

The speed of the finest bitcoin bot is one of its distinguishing features. And, based on Bitcoin Trader reviews, it looks that this bot is capable of doing so.

The developers of this trading robot say that their bot is 0.1 seconds faster than the market. This implies it can assist you in identifying patterns and moving much more quickly when completing transactions.

The robot’s transaction speed is likewise impressive. Many Bitcoin Trader review sites say that the bot can complete deposit transactions in seconds. Withdrawals are processed in the same 24-hour time frame. This could be advantageous, given that most trading bots require a few business days to complete withdrawals.

Demo Account

A demo account is an essential component of owning a trading bot. As a result, you’ll be able to fine-tune your trading strategy and feel more confident about entering trades.

Trading cryptocurrencies can be extremely dangerous. It is critical that you enter positions after conducting sufficient research and testing. With Bitcoin Trader demo account, you may do thorough research and strengthen your position.

Beginners and experienced traders would benefit from the demo account, according to our Bitcoin Trader review. Beginners can utilize the demo account to familiarise themselves with the Bitcoin Trader robot and trade more efficiently. Experienced traders can experiment with trading parameters and methods for as long as they want.


The funds on this trading robot are funneled through an online stock brokering service, which means that when traders are ready to invest in auto-trading mode, their funds will be automatically deposited on digital assets through an online stock brokering service that backs such investments.

Is Bitcoin Trader legit or a scam?

As previously said, the Bitcoin trader program is accompanied by high claims. Given how volatile and unpredictable the bitcoin market can be, many individuals are wary about the Bitcoin Trader software’s authenticity. According to reports, the Bitcoin Trader software is suitable for both experienced and novice traders, and it is also completely legal.

The majority of regular customers and new users who have just signed up for the program, based on what we’ve learned so far, adore the Bitcoin Trader system and its capacity to make users consistent profits. On the other hand, several users were underwhelmed after using the Bitcoin Trader app. This is, however, completely reasonable, as we don’t anticipate everyone to have a great experience, especially given the bitcoin market’s volatility.

Bitcoin Trader Fees

We looked at the Bitcoin Trader website and compared it to other platform reviews and discovered the following fee structure:

Inactivity FeeNone
Withdrawal feesNone
Hidden chargesNone

How to start trading with Bitcoin Trader?

The registration procedure of Bitcoin Trader is very simple similar to other top rated robots. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Registration

Traders must first register on the Bitcoin Trader website, which is extremely user-friendly as compared to other robots. The registration procedure will begin with traders filling out the registration form, which will need them to provide contact information such as their complete name and a valid email address. After entering all of these details on the website, simply click the “Register Now” button to complete your registration. It only takes a couple of minutes to finish.

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Step 2: Deposit Funds

 To begin live trading, you must first make a $250 deposit. If you’re a beginner, it’s best not to go beyond this limit. The trader’s profit is deducted from a trading fee determined at a very low-interest rate. Traders can feel certain that the trading cost has a low-interest rate and that there are no additional hidden fees.

Deposits can be made using any payment method that the traders like, such as credit card or PayPal. The payment gateway is also particularly safe for online transactions, as it uses SSL to avoid the theft of any traders’ financial information.

Step 3: Demo account

Traders can use this trading software to trade in the demo mode. It is usually encouraged to do so, particularly for first-time traders, because it helps them to gain first-hand experience with real-money trading. The demo account not only allows you to use all of the trading features available, but it also allows you to trade with a virtual balance. You can start trading with real money once you’ve finished placing transactions with the demo balance and developed a significant degree of confidence. This platform will provide you with an unparalleled trading experience.

Step 4: Trade

Before you start trading with real money, you should alter the trading settings that you wish to use, and the software will follow your commands. This covers the amount of money you want to put into each transaction, the maximum amount per trade per day, and the earnings you want to make per day, among other things. You can also choose the currency pairs you want to trade, such as XRP/EUR, BTC/USD, BTC/EUR, and so on.

Why choose Bitcoin Trader for trading?

Trading rules

This trading platform contains a set of predetermined regulations that traders must follow before beginning any deal. These conditions are based on the factors that traders desire, such as the minimum investment amount, the minimum profit range in bitcoin, and so on. and so on. The system automatically executes a trade when the rules meet the trading signals. Traders can choose to use the default settings rather than create their own trade settings based on their criteria. 

After the traders have established the rules, the software analyses market developments provide sound investment recommendations, and execute trades based on Bitcoin trading techniques. This platform is regarded as one of the greatest traders’ account managers. Because of its advanced trading features, it stands out among other account managers.

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Trading Speed

When compared to other auto trading platforms, this program can respond faster, even to turbulent market data. It can execute orders as soon as the stated trading requirements are met. Every withdrawal request is processed in under 24 hours, however other auto trading platforms take much longer.

No Emotions

There is no room for emotions in the crypto trading market because of the automated trade platform’s automation feature. As a result, the traders are better able to stick to their plans and make decisive conclusions. The trade is auto-triggered when the trade rules are met, and the software does not even query the trade. This is beneficial to first-time traders who are hesitant to exit a deal. It aids in the reduction of the habit of purchasing and selling at the first available chance.

Multiple Trading

Multiple trades are difficult to manage and impossible for a single person to do. This is where this program comes in handy; it can complete several jobs in a matter of milliseconds, and it does it effectively, without jeopardizing your trading opportunities. The Bitcoin Trader is preferred by professionals who trade with many accounts. Traders can test multiple strategies at once with this automatic trade robot. This allows them to distribute risk among multiple Bitcoin Trader accounts, ensuring that no single account is harmed.

Affordable Trading Bot

The bot has no fees for transactions or account maintenance, and its producers claim not to take commissions on your trades. This is quite advantageous. You only have to be concerned about the minimum deposit as a consumer. Nothing else needs to be paid for.

Tips to maximize your profits using Bitcoin Trader

  • Demo trade for a while to get a feel for cryptocurrency trading.
  • Test your trading strategies in the background.
  • Avoid trading for long periods of time on weekends or holidays.
  • Never put money into something you can’t afford to lose.
  • Before entering new positions, always wait for a reversal.
  • Choose brokers and exchanges that are appropriate for your trading needs and tastes.
  • Choose brokers who have excellent security procedures in place.
  • Do your research on the broker you want to work with. Looking at what other traders are saying about them online is a smart place to start. You’ll be able to find out any potential risks of doing business with them if you do your job correctly.


To sum it up, there is nothing in this world that can claim to be 100 percent accurate all of the time. The same may be said for one of the most popular crypto trading robots. Losses are, after all, a part of life. Read market news, reports, and analysis to stay up to date on what’s going on in the market, and trade with caution. The Bitcoin trader platform helps traders to be consistent through automated trading, but it should not be used as a substitute for correctly executing bitcoin trading because technology failures can happen at any time, resulting in your transactions failing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bitcoin Trader a secure platform?

Yes, one of the leading security suppliers SSL & appropriate Brokers has adequately secured the platform. It’s been thoroughly tested and proven to be absolutely safe to use. It is not a phony broker in any form.

Is Bitcoin Trader a Scam?    

No, according to our review, clients who use this site make thousands of dollars without being scammed.

How can I open a Bitcoin Trader account?

To register a trade account, traders must complete the registration form by providing basic contact information such as their name, email address, and phone number. There’s no need to provide your bank statements, credit card information, or other sensitive information. Traders must first have their IDs scanned before they can start trading.

How much profit can I expect from Bitcoin Trader on a daily basis?

By using this platform, you can make a daily profit of at least $1300 without having to deal with any fraudulent bitcoin.