Bitcoin Prime Review 2023- Is It Scam Robot or Reliable?

Bitcoin Prime is a bitcoin trading bot that executes trades on your behalf automatically using cutting-edge AI algorithms. You only have to pay a tiny commission on your successful trades to use the site, which boasts a 90% win rate.

Does this cryptocurrency trading platform merit your attention? Every feature of the software, including its dependability, functionality, and how to use it, will be covered in this guide of Bitcoin Prime review.

Bitcoin Prime Review 2022- Reliable Or A Scam Robot

What is a Bitcoin Prime?

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Bitcoin Prime is a trading service that continuously scans the markets for trading opportunities in cryptocurrencies. This trading robot executes a trade on your behalf when it discovers potentially profitable settings. The website claims that, under ideal market conditions, the software itself closes up to 90% of its trades for a profit.

The AI system behind this trading robot, which can recognize and respond to market patterns, is essential to the platform’s success. Despite keeping the specifics of its algorithm a secret, this trading robot searches for many of the tried-and-true technical patterns that traders all around the world rely on to make money.

The use of this trading robot is totally free of cost. A $250 down payment is all you need to get going. By charging a 2 percent commission on lucrative accounts, the site generates revenue. But you won’t pay any commission up until your trading account is profitable.

How Does Bitcoin Prime Work?

Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum, and many other cryptocurrencies are among the 14 different ones that this trading robot follows in terms of price movements. Therefore, the robot claims to be able to trade a respectable number of well-known cryptocurrencies.

The algorithm will start a trade when it notices a familiar pricing pattern. This trading robot will place an order in your trading account and follow the transaction as it happens. The decision to close the position will be made by Bitcoin Prime, and all funds including any gains will be returned to your account (less a 2 percent commission for profitable accounts).

The robot’s demo account and extensive library of instructional resources let you learn how the algorithm works, which is one of its best features. Although trading with this robot doesn’t need much work, you will need to adjust the algorithm’s parameters to make it work well under different market conditions.

Importantly, a third-party broker is where your money is kept. This trading robot can make orders to execute trades using the funds in your account even if it cannot access your assets directly. Since only you have access to your money, this could offer some level of security when using this service. Anytime you want to request a withdrawal from the trading robot, you’ll get paid within a few hours.

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Bitcoin Prime Features

Let’s look into some of the characteristics that distinguish this trading robot from other Bitcoin robots:


According to the website of the trading robot, their advanced AI algorithm uses deep learning to continuously increase trading success. In order to trade more consistently and profitably in the future, the algorithm learns from both profitable transactions and those that result in losses.

According to the website of this trading robot , the algorithm has a success record of up to 90% in most market conditions.

Demo Trading 

In addition to live trading, this trading robot also has a demo trading mode. In practice, you can switch between demo and live trading at any time by pressing a button in your trading robot’s dashboard.

Demo trading is essential because it allows you to experiment with different algorithmic parameters for the trading platform. For instance, if the algorithm is only producing a success rate of 70% on a particular day, you can switch to demo mode, change a few parameters, and see what it takes to increase the win percentage to 90%. You can return to live trading after you’re satisfied with the algorithm’s performance.

According to the website, identifying the ideal algorithm settings for any market circumstance takes about 30 minutes of demo trading.

Bitcoin Prime Features

News Trading

In order to keep ahead of the market, Bitcoin Prime trading algorithm also asserts to follow market news feeds. The platform searches for news that might have a big impact on the value of any cryptocurrency or fiat money, and it then makes trades based on that information.

Since the robots algorithm can react quicker than the majority of human traders, news-based trades can be quite profitable.

Broker Partners

The money in your account is held by the trading robot itself, which also uses other brokers to carry out trades. The site claims that the broker partners who are available provide the 75+ CFDs that the robot trades and don’t impose exorbitant trading costs. Based on your location when you join up for the robot services, one of several partner brokers will be automatically given to you.

Is Bitcoin Prime legit or a scam?

When you need to acquire bitcoins, this trading robot uses its sophisticated algorithm to quickly locate the platform offering the cheapest prices.

The best feature is that it works with various cryptocurrencies in addition to Bitcoin trading. In essence, digital experts created this incredible app-based tool to save time and effort when searching for the best websites for purchasing and selling cryptocurrencies. Because of this, the software’s cutting-edge technology enables it to operate 0.01 seconds faster than the competition.

You might label this trading bot or any other trading bot as fraud if you are not aware of the ambiguity and associated risks with bitcoin trading. However, if you are an experienced trader, you will understand that trading bitcoin and other coins that are similarly volatile involves significant dangers. Your capital will therefore always be at risk, regardless of the trading platform or tool you choose.

A number of respectable businesses are currently using this crypto robot, which has proven itself as a reliable platform and allows you to get started with as little as $250.

The absence of information on founders and creators is the only factor that causes some confusion for beginners. Although the platform’s website doesn’t provide much information about it, numerous reliable outside sources have validated its originality and legitimacy. By conducting your own investigation, you can learn even more details.

Bitcoin Prime Fees

To begin, this trading robot is completely free. Only for lucrative accounts, the platform levies a 2% commission fee on trades. If your account hasn’t yet made money, the cryptocurrency trading robot won’t charge a commission.

The platform doesn’t impose deposit fees, and the first 10 withdrawals you make each month are free of charge. A 0.1 percent transaction fee is added to each withdrawal after the tenth by the service.

Keep in mind that your broker can charge extra for trades, withdrawals, or deposits. These costs are determined by your broker; the service does not impose them.

Here is a list of every cost that our review of Bitcoin Prime uncovered:

Trading Fees2% (profitable accounts only)
Account FeesNone
Deposit/Withdrawal Fees10 free withdrawals per month, then 1% 
Minimum Deposit$250

How to start trading with Bitcoin Prime?

Are you ready to start using Bitcoin Prime? In just a few simple steps, we’ll demonstrate how to register and begin trading:

Step 1: Registration

Signing up is the first step in using this trading robot. Click “Sign Up” button on the Bitcoin Prime website after that fill out the registration form with your name, email address, and phone number.

Bitcoin prime Registration

One of the brokers associated with this trading robot will automatically connect to you.. To establish your brokerage account and prove your identification, you must submit a copy of your driver’s license or passport.

 Step 2: Deposit Funds

Prior to being authenticated and receiving access to your Bitcoin Prime account, a $250 first contribution is required.

Choose one payment type from the many available payment methods.

Step 3: Demo Account

After completing the registration and depositing funds you are now ready to use the demo account offered by the trading robot.

You can trade without taking any risks with the demo account because you won’t be utilizing real money. You might also decide to start trading with real money right away if you feel secure enough in your ability to do so.

Step 4: Live trading

If you believe you are familiar with the characteristics of the platform to which this trading robot provides access, you can now manually configure the trading robot based on the risks you are willing to take.

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Why choose Bitcoin Prime for trading?

Simple to Use

Utilizing this trading robot is simple. It is regarded as one of the most user-friendly trading platforms available. Logging in and using your account is extremely simple with this trading robot.

Great Accuracy

The robot enables trades to be opened and closed in less than one millisecond. When it comes time to execute deals on the volatile cryptocurrency markets, this means that you’ll always be one step ahead of the competitors.

Why choose Bitcoin Prime for trading?

No Fees Charged

In order to utilize the trading program, traders are not required to pay any licensing or registration costs. You have more time because your trading capital is more crucial than other instruments.

Trade from Anywhere

Even while you’re traveling, you can access the crypto trading robot from anywhere in the world. Your login information, an active internet connection, and a functional browser are all you need to access your account.

Customer Service

The customer service division runs smoothly. You can get in touch with the live support team seven days a week, 24 hours a day to answer any worries or inquiries.

Demo mode

With this trading robot, trading in demo mode is available. The demo trading facility is essentially an exact replica of the live trading platform. It is free to test it out. You can then become accustomed to the trading tool. However, the demo account is optional, so seasoned traders can enter the actual trading room right away.

Tips to maximize your profits using Bitcoin Prime

Users on the internet have access to a variety of information that can aid traders in thriving in the harsh bitcoin market. Not all of the data will be relevant to your financial portfolio, especially if you’re trading with an AI-based platform. The most crucial items to keep in mind are those.

maximize your profits
  • Work with your brokers: To guarantee that you receive the finest service for your account, Bitcoin Prime has teamed up with brokers that hold a CySEC license. The knowledge of your broker can help you set up your account as soon as possible.
  • Start with a small deposit: Bitcoin Prime requires a minimum deposit of 250 EUR. This minimal deposit must always be kept in mind. Since without it you won’t be able to use any of the features of Bitcoin Prime. Remember that your deposit serves as your first trading capital. Later, you’ll be able to reinvest.
  • Save your profits: Once you’ve generated your first profit, we strongly advise you to cash them out. You will be able to discern between your trading capital and your profit as a result. You can then decide how much money you wish to reinvest in your account thanks to this.
  • Regularly check your account: Despite the fact that the robot can be managed separately, it’s crucial to regularly check your account. You should spend at least 20 minutes every day checking your trading account. To confirm that your account is up to date, you can check the profit yield of Bitcoin Prime.
  • Invest What You Can Afford To: We advise you to only invest money you can afford to lose or money set aside specifically for trading.
  • Trade Responsibly: Avoid rushing to the live trading area and making snap decisions. Bitcoin Prime promotes responsible trading, so you may take your time registering an account and even practicing trading before entering the actual trading room.


The cryptocurrency trading bot Bitcoin Prime makes the claim that it can conduct 24/7 automatic trading in 14 different crypto exchanges. The website of the trading robot claims that the program constantly enhances its trading performance through the use of deep learning. Bitcoin Prime has no account fees, but profitable traders will pay a 2% commission in exchange for the platform’s assistance.

The findings of our investigation have also demonstrated that Bitcoin Prime is a perfectly authentic, trustworthy, and user-friendly website, as noted in our assessments of it.

To get started trading with Bitcoin Prime, simply click on the button below and fill out the registration form with your information

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Frequently Asked Questions

How trustworthy is Bitcoin Prime?

The website claims that a large number of individuals have already registered for and are utilizing the Bitcoin Prime crypto robot. Furthermore, the vast majority of user reviews are positive.

How do I use Bitcoin Prime?

By registering today, you can begin using Bitcoin Prime. Additionally, you will have to open a trading account with one of robot’s affiliated brokers. You need to deposit a minimum of $250 before you can start trading on the robot’s website.

What kind of profit can I expect from Bitcoin Prime?

The purpose of Bitcoin Prime is to provide consumers with the resources they need to manage their portfolios. They want you to be able to make wise decisions about how much risk and money to invest in a trade while also taking into account other factors like leverage or account size to avoid becoming overwhelmed by all these variables, which humans can’t accurately judge on their own naturally without assistance from software algorithms.

Is Using Bitcoin Prime Free?

To open a trading account with Bitcoin Prime, there are no license fees or other costs.

Is there any Bitcoin Prime app?

The answer is no, there isn’t a Bitcoin Prime app. On any device that supports a web browser, the robot can be accessed online.