Bitcoin Era Review 2023– Is It Scam Robot Or Reliable?

The trading robot Bitcoin Era automatically buys and sells cryptocurrencies using a potent AI algorithm. The high-frequency trading mechanism on the platform is touted to have an 85% success rate and is free to use. It has been discussed on Reddit as well.

In our assessment of Bitcoin Era, we’ll cover all you need to learn about this Bitcoin robot, covering whether or not it’s a scam.

Bitcoin Era Review 2022– Is It Scam Robot Or Reliable?

 What Is Bitcoin Era?

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Robotic cryptocurrency trader Bitcoin Era. It uses an AI algorithm trained on historical cryptocurrency market data to locate potential deals. The trades that the algorithm finds on your behalf are automatically closed out using the funds in your trading account.

The platform claims that it has an 85% success rate. Other crypto robots have claimed to have success rates of 90% or more, however during the course of our investigation, we were unable to independently verify this claim. Despite having a high success rate, bear in mind that trading always carries a certain amount of risk, and you could lose money during Bitcoin Era.

It costs nothing at all to use this trading robot. There are no trade commissions or account fees. Once a deal has been completed by the service, all of your funds, including any profits, are refunded back to your trading account. 

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How Does Bitcoin Era Work?

A powerful AI system is applied with Bitcoin Era. The platform’s proprietary algorithm has been honed using data from the bitcoin market collected over many months. It can track price changes and claims to be able to predict if a cryptocurrency’s price is about to climb or decline. Due to the increased frequency of trades placed in the Bitcoin Era to generate profits, these swings may be rather minor.

The funds in your trading account will be used to open a position when Bitcoin Era’s algorithm recognizes a trade. The program will keep track of the deal as it develops and close it once it has finished. Your trading account receives a full refund, including any winnings.

Features of Bitcoin Era

The platform has received praise from all across the world due to its numerous features. The software’s main characteristics are as follows:


The software’s powerful backend feature allows users to compare current market conditions to their trading strategy. Users can then alter as needed to reflect the sentiment of the market.

Trading Practice

Users may fully comprehend the bitcoin market and how the software works by using the demo trading option. Users can test the effectiveness of their trading strategies, make the required adjustments, and learn more about the nuances of the crypto trading market without risking their own money by using the virtual money in their trial account.

Real-Time Trading

Users can test their strategy using the backend function and a sample account before using the live trading option to finish it. On the live trading platform, users can trade in several cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.


A live automatic trading tool on the platform executes trades in line with the user’s previously defined settings. The algorithm uses market trading signals to initiate and complete deals, and it continuously scans the market for lucrative trading opportunities.

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 Is Bitcoin Era a Scam?

Despite the lack of information available about this specific robot and the lack of independent verification of these claims, users have asserted that this trading robot appears to be a legitimate trading robot. Users should be aware that there are risks involved in all forms of trading, and they should only invest their money in licensed businesses.

The way the Bitcoin Era services operate is exactly as mentioned in the section above; they provide a cryptocurrency trading robot that trades on the user’s behalf on cryptocurrency marketplaces. However, it becomes more challenging to respond to this question once the platform’s advertising activities are taken into account.

Numerous unfounded claims about famous people employing Bitcoin Era’s crypto robot have been spread. The most notable of them are discussed in the section below, and it can be seen that each of these claims is false. Additionally, the company makes outlandish promises, such as the fact that its robot is over 99% accurate and that customers who employ its services quickly become wealthy. Again, these assertions are unfounded and absurd.

Concerningly, there have been claims that such robots have been “designed to fail” and are merely used as marketing tools by unlicensed brokers. This means that using Bitcoin Era’s robot to execute all of your trades is not a good idea; instead, you should adjust the robot’s settings to ensure that it does the transactions you require.

According to the website, Bitcoin Era is built on some of the most successful financial market innovations, allowing the bot to recognise and seize transient chances. These models have been used by economists and financial professionals for many years to predict changes in the foreign exchange market and the price of commodities. It is thought that these models’ creators made a few tiny tweaks in response to the volatility of cryptocurrencies in order to increase their dependability and improve their success rates.

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 How to start trading with Bitcoin Era?

Step 1: Open an account

Follow the signup instructions on the Bitcoin Era website. Along with your name, you must also supply a contact details and email account. You are now prepared to move on to step 2 after clicking the confirmation link in the email that was delivered to you.

Bitcoin Era registration

 Step 2: Make deposit

Go to the platform, log in using the credentials you just created, and then navigate to the website’s “deposit” section. Before you may use the Bitcoin Era software, you need to make a minimum of $250 first investment.

Step 3: Configure your parameters

Select the trading approach you want the Bitcoin Era cryptocurrency robot to employ now. You can decide how big you want each trade to be, how frequently you want to place trades, and how restrictive you want your stop-loss restrictions to be.

Step 4: Change your risk management strategies

The final stage before you begin trading BTC is deciding how much risk you are ready to accept. This is a significant choice that is influenced by your particular financial situation and trading philosophy. Depending on your preferences, you can allow the Bitcoin Era software to make bigger or lesser-risk trades.

Step 5: Start trading

You can now access the trading interface of the robot and start trading after creating and funding your account. Depending on your preference, you may either turn on the Bitcoin Era software and let it trade automatically in line with its own rules after you’ve specified your own rules in the form of trading parameters. Additionally, you have the option to begin in “demo mode,” which we advise for new users.

 Advantages of using Bitcoin Era

The software has a wide range of functions that traders can use. The following are a few of the justifications:

  • App for Free: The trading interface is totally unrestricted. There aren’t any fees associated with registration, usage, downloads, withdrawals, or deposits. 100% of the earnings that traders generate while trading can be withheld. Withdrawals are effortless and feasible at any time.
  • Fiat and cryptocurrency payments: This platform allows traders to transact in both fiat and cryptocurrencies. Users can transact using fiat currencies including the Swiss franc (CHF), US dollar (USD), and euro (EUR) (euro). Digital currencies including BCH, Ethereum(ETH), LTC, Dash, XRP, BTC, and Monero can all be traded on this platform.
  • No downloading: Due to the web-based nature of this platform, users are not required to download any additional trading tools or software. Any device with an interface, such a laptop, computer, mobile, or tablet, can use this simple app. Installation of software or routine upgrades are not necessary. Users would only need a web browser and an internet connection.
  • Amazing Success Rate: The programme distinguishes out from the competition in the market due to its high success rate. It is a dependable and efficient automated trading platform due to its high accuracy rate.
  • Rapid setup: Setting up the automated trading software and creating an account on the website are both very quick and easy. The software is easy to use and get started with even for beginners because to its user-friendly layout.
  • Consistent earnings: This straightforward, secure, and low-risk platform enables every trader to achieve consistent gains regardless of their degree of expertise or prior experience in cryptocurrency trading.
  • Quick Verification: Account verification is necessary, however, the process has been streamlined and accelerated. The verification procedure is expedited by providing accurate payment information and accurate user data. It is critical to guarantee that users of the software engage in safe and secure trading.
  • Quick Deposits: Both deposits and withdrawals on this trading platform are straightforward. After receiving a withdrawal request, the business credits the user’s preferred bank account with the requested amount in less than 24 hours.
  • Demo Trading: The software comes with a trial trading account that enables users to experiment with the platform’s many capabilities by trading with fictitious money.
  • Customer Service: The community of traders on this platform offers customer support services in a number of languages 24 hours a day.
  • Minimal Initial Deposit: $250 must be invested in order to begin using this service for cryptocurrency trading. Customers can initially trade for as little as $25 for each exchange.

Our top robot trading tips for beginners

Research is essential before engaging with the bitcoin market. Even seasoned traders should use caution while negotiating the complicated and oftentimes bumpy bitcoin market before placing their money in a platform that uses automated trading algorithms. The following suggestions from our team of experts are for anyone considering trading automation:

  • Before using a bot, learn about trading. People who are new to trading must comprehend the nuances of what it requires, even when using trading software. This can assist you in learning how to safeguard your funds and create a trading strategy that is more effective, such as setting limits and halting losses.
  • Get familiar with cryptocurrency. Because bitcoin markets can be challenging to get used to, it is crucial to understand the fundamentals of what you are trading before signing up for a robot service.
  • First, create a demo account. The ability to start trading with a demo account is usually available to users of automated trading software, allowing them to get familiar with the system without having to put any of their hard-earned income.
  • Progressively expand your portfolio. The best trading strategies concentrate on producing steady, long-term returns over a long period of time. When starting out with your funds, don’t take on too much danger; be cautious.

Wrap up

Every user of Bitcoin Era has the chance to make money thanks to the high win rate of the trading technique. High precision combined with massive leverage produces skyrocketing returns.

Trustworthy stockbrokers, who among other things assist trade, are what drive the Bitcoin era. Our highly regarded partner brokers manage any deposits made through our website. By scrolling to the top of this page and completing the form, you can create a free account at Bitcoin Era.

A legitimate, reliable, and modern trading platform, Bitcoin Era was developed with your financial needs and preferences in mind. You don’t have to spend all of your money on Bitcoin Era; in fact, you can start trading right away with just a little. The speed and capacity of the Bitcoin Era to identify profitable investment opportunities in real-time have been praised. We suggest that you take advantage of this opportunity by creating a Bitcoin Era account and beginning to assemble a solid financial portfolio.

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Bitcoin Era Frequently Asked Questions

What are the daily returns that can be expected from using this platform?

According to the website, traders can make up to $1,000 per day.

Is there a maximum profit that can be realized?

Profits are continuously attainable. The money invested in transactions and the trading strategies employed determine earnings.

Is the Bitcoin Era trading platform legitimate and reliable?

Yes, the Bitcoin Era program has a solid reputation in the industry due to its reliable trading environment and excellent accuracy rates. It is a legitimate business that enables traders to make money every day by trading cryptocurrencies.