Bitcode AI Review 2023- Is It Scam Robot or Reliable?

Numerous trading platforms have been introduced to streamline the investment process as more and more people trade cryptocurrency. There are numerous choices, and making a decision can be difficult, but Bitcode AI stands out from the competition.

This trading robot is a user-friendly, cutting-edge web application designed to increase the return on your investment. This robot allegedly outperforms accuracy by over 90%, and its algorithm is continually upgraded. Investors from various places and with various levels of trading experience can participate in the cryptocurrency market thanks to Bitcode AI’s automated trading technology.

In this guide of Bitcode AI review, we will cover every aspect of the software, including its reliability, functionality, and how to use it.

Bitcode AI Review 2022- Reliable or A Scam Robot?

What is Bitcode AI?

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One of the top systems for automating Bitcoin investment processes is Bitcode AI. A software program called Bitcoin AI was created to trade on people’s behalf. The website also asserts that it can find trading possibilities using AI-powered tools, eliminating the need for investors to conduct preliminary research.

The Bitcode AI platform was created with beginners in mind, thus prior trading expertise is not necessary to use the platform. Instead, it makes use of the team’s initiatives for the organization. For great efficiency in its investment recommendations, the instrument uses patented algorithms based on “Big Data.” Because this trading robot is totally free, there is only a $250 minimum deposit requirement.

Users have the chance to use leverage with this trading robot. It can employ leverage up to 5000:1, which is far higher than that of the majority of cryptocurrency exchanges, according to the website. This is only advised for seasoned traders because even if it can significantly improve earnings, it can also result in more large losses.

Keep in mind that every investment carries a certain level of risk. Starting with the smallest investment is advised if you are a novice user because the hazards will be kept to a minimum.

How Does Bitcode AI Work?

This trading robot can acquire Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency on your behalf because it is an automated cryptocurrency trading platform. The sophisticated algorithms of the robot will search the markets for viable trading opportunities. The allegedly very effective built-in techniques of Bitcode AI are responsible for communicating these opportunities.

The robot makes sure that it will initiate a transaction on your behalf right away whenever a trading opportunity is identified. Users always get the best entry price, according to the website, which claims to be 0.01 seconds ahead of the market.

The fact that this platform will always negotiate on your behalf and you don’t need to be fully aware of the negotiations should be emphasized.

Bitcode AI Features

You might be curious about the major characteristics of this trading robot. The following is a list of the key features of the service:

AI-powered Strategies

Trading tactics based on this trading robot are incredibly efficient and recognize markets considerably faster than humans. As a result, trade opportunities are discovered at the most opportune time.


The signup process for this trading robot is straightforward. To begin, you must first complete a brief form with the bare minimum of information. This can be finished in less than 30 minutes. If possible, double-check this information to ensure that the validation is correct.

To set up an account with the robot service, traders are not charged anything.. All you have to do now is fund your account. Make sure you have your little investment available before you begin. It will serve as your first financial investment.

bitcode ai features

Demo Trading

Bitcode AI demo trading account is a great method to get a feel for the trading system before investing real money. However, you have the option of not using a sample account at all times. You can, for example, proceed directly to the trading area.

Trade Multiple Cryptocurrencies

You can trade many cryptocurrencies with this trading robot. You can also trade with a variety of different altcoins using this trading robot.

Reliable Brokers

This trading robot is a cryptocurrency trading platform that connects users to online brokers. Bitcode AI brokers are some of the best in the business. They make sure that when people trade on the platform, they get the most out of it. Furthermore, the trading procedure is fully automated. Doing it through a regulated platform is always the best option.

Live Trading

This is the most significant feature for users. Using the demo account and backstage facilities, the user can quickly begin live trading. Users can trade bitcoins on their trading dashboards by choosing cryptocurrency brokers. The customer must deposit a minimum of $250 into their trading account in order to continue trading. This is something that users may benefit from on a daily basis. There’s also an auto trade feature.


This trading robot promises to be able to leverage up to 5000:1 while still following the same winning tactics. Of course, when trading manually with this leverage, the human bias would naturally come into play, but this is not a concern with this trading robot.

Is Bitcode AI Legit or a Scam?

Check to see if a trading robot is legitimate before investing in Bitcoin (or any other cryptocurrency). During our research for this Bitcode AI review, we observed that the company’s website has a slew of customer testimonials. All of them are positive testimonials, albeit none have been verified by a third-party site.

Although the Bitcode AI website makes no guarantees regarding success rates, it does say that consumers’ profit chances are very strong.’

Overall, we are unable to validate this trading robot with 100% assurance, thus conducting your own research before interacting with the robot is advised.

What sets this robot apart from other trading platforms is its fantastic demo account trading function, which allows newcomers to acquire some practice before stepping into live trading. The demo account feature of this trading platform is a good way to evaluate the system’s performance and see if it stays true to all of its high claims.

Bitcode AI Fees

If you wish to invest with this robot, you need to think about the commissions. You do not have to pay anything in this case. There are no additional expenses, according to the Bitcode AI website, and the platform is completely free.

One of the best things we saw throughout our review is that it guarantees the trading process is as profitable as possible. The only thing to remember is that Bitcode AI brokers who may use their spread to assist in trading; however, this varies by platform.

So, before you use the robot, make sure you understand the entire charge situation so you can compute the maximum feasible return and avoid being left empty-handed.

Account Opening FeeNo
Inactivity FeeNo
Monthly Account FeeNo
Additional ChargesNo 

How to start trading with Bitcode AI?

This trading robot is simple to use and can be up and running in minutes. To begin, follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Registration

The very first step is to go to Bitcode AI website and fill out the registration form with your personal information. It includes your first and surname names, email addresses, and contact details.

Bitcode ai registration

Step 2: Deposit Funds

When you’ve filled out the registration form and entered your personal information, you’ll be sent to a regulated broker in your country. After that, you must open an account with the specified broker and make a minimum deposit of $250. Despite the fact that Bitcode AI does not mention which payment methods are available for funding your account, the vast majority of brokers accept deposits and withdrawals via bank wire transfer, credit and debit cards, PayPal, Skrill, as well as other similar methods.

Step 3: Demo Trading

You can instantly activate the program and begin trading with real money once you have an account with the associated broker. However, it is recommended that you test the robot’s outcomes on a demo account before risking real money. This will allow you to tweak the settings, select the best cryptos for the robot to trade, and determine whether Bitcode AI has a reliable trading algorithm.

Step 4: Live Trading 

After you’ve completed your practice with the demo trading option, you can move on to live to trade. Consult with your account administrator to confirm everything is in order before proceeding with live trading. They’ll assist you in adjusting your trade parameters to avoid taking a loss on the site. After you’ve finished this step, go ahead and click the “Live Trade” option.

Why choose Bitcode AI for trading?

Advanced Technology

Bitcode AI has some of the most cutting-edge technical protocols. As a result, the platform may deliver excellent performance. Its artificial intelligence system can scan the whole crypto market in seconds and identify the greatest trade opportunities. It can also assist users in automating their trades, allowing them to save time while achieving outstanding results.

Easy To Use

The Bitcode AI robot is a simple-to-use trading robot. When compared to other trading robots this robot has an extremely intuitive user interface and a smart AI system. This makes the platform easy to use and adaptable.

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Compatibility with Various Devices

The Bitcode AI software has a high level of compatibility with a variety of devices. It works with laptops, desktop computers, and mobile phones. However, because the platform does not have a mobile app, it can only be accessed via the web.

Customer Support Service

All crypto trading platforms focus heavily on customer care. Bitcode AI features a customer support service to aid new traders. People on the team can answer any questions you have about investing or how much money you’ll need to get started trading. The well-trained personnel is available at all hours of the day and night to assist you.

Completely Free To Use

As mentioned above, Bitcode AI is completely free to use. This robot does not include any additional or hidden charges. All that is required of individuals to begin using the services is a $250 initial deposit. They still own the fund and can trade with it.

Tips to maximize your profits using Bitcode AI

In their initial few months of trading, many rookie crypto traders make numerous mistakes. They lose a substantial sum of money throughout this time. These pointers will assist new traders in avoiding common blunders.

  • Improve Your Trading Skills: The first step in learning about crypto trading is to understand what it entails. Beginner traders can use this to enhance their trading skills and prevent losing money. Fortunately, they can study from a variety of internet sites.
  • Have a solid trading strategy : The next stage is to come up with a strong strategy.. Make sure your goals and objectives are attainable. This will allow you to trade within your limits while yet making a profit.
  • Invest what you can afford: Investing what you can afford to reduce the risks associated with crypto trading is a wise strategy. Even if you lose money, if you invest the minimum amount, you will not lose all of your money.
bitcode ai


Finally, this Bitcode AI review has provided an in-depth look at the trading robot and its features, demonstrating how it works and the actions you must take to begin using it right away.

After investigating this platform, we can confidently state that the Bitcode AI technology is genuine and not a hoax. We strongly advise people interested in beginning their cryptocurrency trading experience to sign up for an account directly on the Bitcode AI website. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bitcode AI?

Bitcode AI is an automated trading platform that employs artificial intelligence to predict and profit from market changes.

Is Bitcode AI a secure system?

It is risk-free to use Bitcode AI. Against cyber-attacks, the site employs cutting-edge security mechanisms. Its AI algorithm is very precise, ensuring that users do not lose money carelessly.

Is it feasible for me to make a cryptocurrency withdrawal from the platform?

No, this is not possible; any profits made during a live trading session are converted to local currency before being deposited into a bank account.

What is the cost of registration?

You can register and establish an account for free on the Bitcode AI platform.

Is Bitcode AI available as a mobile app?

No, web browsers on any device or computer with an internet connection can access the auto trading platform.